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 Zix Customer Changes:   We are proud to announce some improvements to our Zix Gateway customers.  Your plaintext emails that previously did not trigger encryption policies will now be sent via forced TLS for increased secure transmissions.  You may notice the following banner “This message was secured by ZixCorp on these outgoing emails which will alert your customers at a glance that the emails they are receiving are secure and can be trusted as they are being sent via a secure transmission channel.”


Exchange 2013
We currently host our mailboxes on Exchange 2013.  Please note that if you are using an Outlook 2003 client you will need to upgrade your client as Outlook 2003 is no longer supported by Microsoft ( or SkySphere.  We require all of our Exchange clients to have AutoDiscover records setup while hosting Exchange with us.  Please see this article for information on AutoDiscover records (  Should you have any questions about the compatibility of your mail client or issues with your mail client connecting to Exchange please open a Support ticket by emailing


Service Health:

For status on any global issues, please reference , open a support ticket, or contact us via our support number.

**Notice** – Systems maintainence occurs each Thurdays from 12:00AM until 2:00AM EST
some systems may be unreachable during this time.



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