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SkySphere is an authorized Intuit Commercial Hosting Company

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Anytime, Anywhere Hosted QuickBooks Desktop

SkySphere’s hosted QuickBooks online solutions
provide fully functional desktop versions of QuickBooks software in a highly
secure multi-user environment. By hosting your Intuit desktop version of
QuickBooks online with SkySphere, your entire accounting team will have
anytime/anywhere access to popular QuickBooks Applications

We are infrastructure specialist. We use Cisco UCS Blade Server and EMC VNX storage with Solid State Drives for superior performance, high availability,  and scale. Our data center is SSAE-16 Soc 2 certified.

  • High definition content is delivered to any PC, Mac, iPad or tablet using Xen App from Citrix
  • Gather all tax information in one place
  • Track all income and expenses
  • Activate payroll and payment processing features from within QuickBooks
  • Automatically import information and data from your bank into MS Excel
  • No need to create Accountant copies and send files back and forth.
  • Great for businesses with multiple locations.
  • Ho Hidden Fees. No Long Term Contracts
  • Connect to Bill & Pay –
  • Connect to –

Versions we host:

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition
  • QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition
  • QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition
  • QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit Edition
  • QuickBooks Premier Professional Services Edition
  • QuickBooks Premier Retail Edition


Do you charge my clients?

We recommend you resell the service to your client or wrap it into your service offering. We will be happy to set up direct billing on your request.

Can I add a SkySphere login to my website?

Absolutely! Just request the html code to paste into your website. We are glad to help you with this.

Do you offer custom branding?

Yes. We can create a custom login page featuring your logo that is consistent with the look and feel of your website for $500 that covers setup, design and implementation. Intuit requires a small “Powered by SkySphere” logo and our standard disclaimer text at the bottom of each page.

You must supply your own QuickBooks license for any of these plans. Each user requires a license.


$53/mo per user
Anytime Anywhere Secure Access
Storage 5GB
Includes Adobe & MS Excel
Rented License add $12
$53/mo per user
Anytime Anywhere Secure Access
Storage 5GB
Includes Adobe & MS Excel
Rented License add $17
$60/mo per user
Anytime Anywhere Secure Access
Storage 5GB
Includes Adobe & MS Excel
Rented License add $65

These plans include a rented QuickBooks license with each plan. A license is required for each user.


$65/mo per user
Anytime Anywhere Secure Access
Storage 5GB
Includes Adobe & MS Excel
Rented License
Up to 3 Users
$70/mo per user
Anytime Anywhere Secure Access
Storage 5GB
Includes Adobe & MS Excel
Rented License
Up to 5 Users
$125/mo per user
Anytime Anywhere Secure Access
Storage 5GB
Includes Adobe & MS Excel
Rented License
Up to 30 Users

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SkySphere include the Quickbooks License?

You can rent a QuickBooks license from SkySphere or provide your own and save money.

Can I use my own Quickbooks license?

Yes, however your license must be within the last 3 years.


Does my subscription include upgrades each year to the next version?

Yes, if we are including a rented license we will upgrade your version of Quickbooks when Intuit releases new versions to us.


If I provide my own license, will I have to upgrade my license every year?

No, but Intuit will not support a version of QuickBooks more than 2 revisions behind the current release. Also, some features may not be supported.


Who performs the QuickBooks updates when they are released?

SkySphere performs QuickBooks updates each week during our maintenance windows. If you try to perform the update yourself, you will receive an error message.


Does my subscription include support from Intuit?

Yes, QuickBooks customers who rent licenses from Authorized Commercial Hosts will still be provided customer support services in accordance with Intuit’s standard support policies, as published on Intuit’s web site.


How is SkySphere's Hosted QuickBooks different from QuickBooks OnLine?

QuickBooks Online is completely different and nowhere as useful as QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise versions. Using full-featured versions of QuickBooks, SkySphere can provide inventory, grouping, advanced reporting and other features in the standard desktop versions. QuickBooks Online only lets see one screen at a time – there is no way to do a side-by-side comparison of reports or entries like you can with desktop QB software.

Intuit recognized the limits of their stripped-down online edition when it created the Intuit Authorized Hosting program by authorizing top hosting providers like SkySphere.

QuickBooks Online puts your data at risk by requiring a conversion of your QuickBooks files. Your data is fully portable between SkySphere and your local computer without conversion or reformatting.

If you are using multiple QuickBooks files QuickBooks Online’s per file fees are going to be a problem. With SkySphere, you can have as many files as you like and online access to virtual office software.


Can I have multiple users on at the same time?

Yes. You and other users can work in the same file at the same time from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. A license is required for each user.


What happens to my data if I cancel SkySphere service?

Your data is 100% owned by you. If you need to move it, you just drag and drop your files back to your computer.


SkySphere is an authorized Commercial host for QuickBooks software

QuickBooks Software is © Intuit Inc. All rights reserved. QuickBooks Software is hosted by SkySphere under a commercial license from Intuit Inc. SkySphere is not affiliated with or endorsed by Intuit Inc. SkySphere is solely responsible for the provisioning of all services on this website.
Hosted Quickbooks Rate Change

Due to increased costs from our underlying providers, the cost for Quickbooks will be increasing on invoices, begining in in January 2017. The increase will vary from $13 to $15 per user, depending on plan. If you have any questions you can call customer service or your account manager at 866.592.6331